Letter from PRIDoC 2018 Planning Committee

May 15, 2018   [letter in PDF to share]

Welina mai,

The planning committee of the 2018 Pacific Region Indigenous Doctors Congress and the fuller membership of ‘Ahahui o nā Kauka, the Association of Native Hawaiian Physicians, are excited to be able to share with you the most profound and unique nature of our islands and who we are as Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiians).  

We have heard from family and friends concerned about Hawai‘i’s welfare in light of the recent volcanic activity.  Know that the areas impacted by the recent volcanic activity are in a remote region of Hawai‘i Island.  Everywhere else throughout the Hawaiian Islands is not affected.

Kīlauea is a shield volcano that has been erupting steadily since January 3, 1983.  It is one of three active and two dormant volcanoes on the island of Hawai‘i.    Kīlauea is the realm of our Tūtū Pele. 

PRIDoC 2018 is scheduled to be held at the University of Hawai'i in Hilo, a charming port town more than 30 miles (48+ km) upwind and north of Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park, and 24+ miles (39 km) NW of the most recent flows that are bearing ENE.  Hilo and the rest of the island are open for business.

Officials are monitoring both the volcanic activity and the air quality, and we’re in contact with our Hawai‘i Island colleagues.  If at any time there are threats to the health of our conference attendees or access to resources by the local residents, ‘Ahahui o nā Kauka will act swiftly and surely to revise the conference plans.  You have our word.

Meanwhile, we will provide updates on our website and on our social media channels to keep you informed. 

We welcome you to Hilo and Waimea.  Our ancestors await you and yours.

Me ke aloha,

Noa Emmett Aluli, MDPresident, ‘Ahahui o nā Kauka

Dee-Ann L. Carpenter, MDChair, PRIDoC 2018

Photographer Dennis Oda,  Honolulu Star-Advertiser , 2009

Photographer Dennis Oda, Honolulu Star-Advertiser, 2009